WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor invites interested parties to submit nominations for individuals to serve on the federal Workforce Information Advisory Council and announces the procedures for those nominations.

The WIAC is an advisory committee of workforce and labor market information experts representing a broad range of national, state and local data and information users and producers. The council provides recommendations to the Secretary of Labor, working jointly through the Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training and the Commissioner of Labor Statistics, to address:

The evaluation and improvement of the nationwide workforce and labor market information system and statewide systems that comprise the nationwide system.
How the department and the states will cooperate in the management of those systems. These systems include programs to produce employment-related statistics and state and local workforce and labor market information.

Currently, there is a vacant position on the WIAC representing businesses. While today’s announcement seeks nominations for this vacancy, the department invites individuals qualified for the advisory council’s other seven membership categories to submit nomination materials. The department will consider these nominees in the event that seats in those categories become available.

Learn more about the WIAC.

Read the Federal Register notice for nomination instructions.

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