Federal, State, & Local Employment Laws

The most important part of an HR manager’s job is to ensure their business is in full compliance with State, federal, and local laws. Things change so fast that most HR departments just can't keep up. KPSK has experts who are here to help you with advice and education.

Laws regulating the employment relationship can come from different federal, state, or local sources and it can be confusing to figure out which ones are applicable to your workplace. Which ones apply depends on factors such as where your business is located, the size of your workforce in each location, your annual revenue, and the number of staff specified in the employment law statute. Each law contains its own range of requirements and it is important to understand and apply this information. 

Employers are mandated to follow all laws and rules and they cannot pick and choose which laws to follow, even if federal, state, and/or local law requirements overlap. Employers must comply with whichever gives the employee the better protection.  It is important to have a resource that can help you determine which is needed for your business and incorporate it into the handbook for you. 

All employee handbooks and other published policies must be appropriately written based on the laws applicable in the different jurisdictions in which the handbooks are used. Multistate employers face challenges because it must also be determined whether any specific states require you to have a state specific addendum to your national handbook.  KPSK can be that resource for you with our expertise in Labor and Employment Law.