Workforce and Succession Planning

We help you or your HR department develop systems to help develop the talent you need to grow your business.

Co-Employment and Joint Employment

Let KPSK guide your HR department on the best practice of Co-Employment and Joint Employment.

Handbook audits and editing

Let KPSK keep you up to date and audit-ready.

Federal, State, and Local Employment Laws

KPSK has experts who are here to help you with advice and education.


Onboarding Management

We offer experts who are trained to help streamline the onboarding process, to help attract and retain top talent to grow your business.

System and Process Improvement

KPSK will help your business to choose the best options that will help save your company time, money, and increase productivity.


Government Agency charges can be costly and complicated. Let our experts help you prepare the best options for your business, including mediation or arbitration process.

Employee Relations

We help businesses stay on track and keep compliant by working with you to educate and guide you through this complicated and ever-changing area of HR.