Today, the National Labor Relations Board released its rulemaking priorities in conjunction with the publication of the Biden Administration’s Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions.  

The NLRB submission was prepared at the direction of the Chairman, and indicates the Board’s intention to consider addressing the following topics using the rulemaking process in the future:

Joint-employer status under the National Labor Relations Act.
Procedures governing blocking charges, voluntary recognition, and the formation of Section 9(a) bargaining relationships in the construction industry.

“This Board is committed to seeking public input when it would benefit our decisionmaking. The rulemaking process can be a valuable way to seek broad public comment, particularly when the Board seeks to address a topic comprehensively,” said Chairman Lauren McFerran. “We encourage the public to take advantage of these opportunities to share their views, and we look forward to getting feedback on these important issues in the future.”

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