Participants:      U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational

                                   Safety and Health Administration

                                  West Texas Safety Training Center Inc.

West Texas Training Center Inc. Executive Director Phil Young joins OSHA Area Director Elizabeth L. Routh in Lubbock, Texas, to renew a commitment to keep Permian Basin workers safe and healthy.

Alliance description:  OSHA and West Texas Safety Training Center Inc. have renewed a three-year alliance putting continued emphasis on construction hazards, and overall safety and health of workers in the oil and gas industry. Specifically, the alliance will ensure information, guidance and training resources are provided to students sent to the center by the industry and others. These resources will help protect the safety and health of industry workers, and raise awareness of the rights of workers and responsibilities of employers under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The alliance will also seek to address inherent oil and gas industry hazards, and highlight OSHA’s Focus Four Hazards in construction.

Background:  Established in 1994, the West Texas Safety Training Center Inc. is a non-profit organization created by the Permian Basin’s oil industry to provide safety training to area workers. It provides safety and equipment training for various industries, safety certification programs and resource management support for the area’s employers.

Quote: “By continuing our alliance with the West Texas Safety Training Center, we look forward to providing valuable life-saving training and education to its students to keep oil and gas and construction workers in the Permian Basin safe,” said OSHA Area Director Elizabeth L. Routh in Lubbock, Texas. “The U.S. Department of Labor works with employers and other stakeholders in many industries to promote education and training as a way to improve workplace safety.”

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