WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today introduced new resource aimed at boosting the participation of people with disabilities in competitive integrated employment.The Competitive Integrated Employment Transformation Hub brings together resources from across the federal government to provide practical guidance, policy information and evidence-based best practices for people with disabilities, their families, employers, employment service providers and state agencies. Competitive integrated employment ensures that people with disabilities are paid competitive wages and work in environments where the majority of employees do not have disabilities.“A large and dedicated movement across America is working to advance a competitive integrated employment model in our workplaces, and we want to give them easy access to resources that will help them succeed,” said Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy Taryn M. Williams. “Families and workers need guidance on benefits planning and wraparound services, for instance. Providers need technical assistance to adapt their service delivery models. State agencies need information about funding options. Employers need support regarding accommodations and inclusive policies and practices. The Competitive Integrated Employment Transformation Hub is a central tool they can all rely on for help.”The hub is part of the Office of Disability Employment Policy’s broader effort to promote competitive integrated employment. Through various innovative initiatives, ODEP collaborates with federal partners, states and employment service providers to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities to participate and excel in competitive integrated employment.These initiatives align with the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to a whole-of-government approach to enhance the economic security of disabled people, including those from historically underserved communities. Additionally, the hub contributes to the administration’s Good Jobs Initiative, offering essential information to workers, employers and government entities focused on improving job quality and ensuring universal access to good jobs.

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