WASHINGTON – As part of the Biden-Harris administration’s whole-of-government equity agenda, the U.S. Department of Labor today released its updated Equity Action Plan to support the administration’s advancement of racial equity through executive orders and other federal mechanisms. “The Biden-Harris administration is building an inclusive economy through historic investments that create good jobs across the country. At the Department of Labor, we’re focused on making sure those good jobs are equitable and accessible to all workers, including Black workers, Hispanic workers, workers of color, women, and many more communities that have historically been left out or left behind,” said Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su. “When underserved individuals and communities have access and pathways to good jobs, it boosts productivity, innovation and economic well-being for everyone. We will continue to use all of our available resources to expand our economy while promoting the economic and social well-being of all workers.”The updated report states that “equal opportunity is the bedrock of American democracy, and our diversity is one of our country’s greatest strengths. However, for too many, disparities in our laws and public policies, and in our public and private institutions, have often denied that equal opportunity to individuals and communities. These inequalities leave some workers more at risk to injury, discrimination, exploitation, or abuse. To continue to improve working conditions for all workers, the department is focused on expanding sustainable, accessible equity programs and policies that help close the gap for workers in underrepresented communities.”Building on the progress of the first-ever Equity Action Plan, feedback from public forums and research into the barriers workers and retirees still face, the department developed five areas of focus for its 2023 Equity Action Plan update:Supporting workers, including those in the Southeast United States.Ensuring underserved communities have access to good jobs.Embedding gender equity into our partnerships and services.Improving services for individuals with limited English proficiency.Evaluating procurement practices to advance equity, including to support small, disadvantaged businesses such as Black- and women-owned businesses.“This whole-of-government approach gives us an opportunity to work together to deepen our previous commitments and create a more sustainable system while we pursue new avenues to reach underserved and underrepresented communities,” said Chief Diversity and Equity Officer Alaysia Black-Hackett. “We cannot do this work alone, and we value input from the communities we serve and partners on the ground who help deliver sustainable programs and policies as we move forward together.”Since the release of the 2022 Equity Action Plan, the Department of Labor has:Strengthened partnerships to prevent and address workplace retaliation.Provided millions of dollars in state grants to improve the Unemployment Insurance system.Created a Centralized Office for Language Access so that our services can reach all workers regardless of language barriers.Launched a national online dialogue to strengthen employment and training services.Expanded Registered Apprenticeship Program opportunities.The updated Equity Action Plan focus areas will build on the accomplishments of the first Equity Action Plan through continued targeted support for the most underserved communities. As the work continues, the department will continue to engage the public on its progress and plans.Learn more about the Department of Labor’s Equity Action Plan. Learn more about the Biden-Harris administration’s equity work. 

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