Employer name:                     Heaven on Earth Network Inc.

Investigation site:                 3200 Second Ave.

                                                         Lake Charles, LA 70601

Investigation findings: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division found Heaven on Earth Network paid 87 workers straight time when overtime pay was owed. The employer paid the required time-and-a-half overtime on the first 10 hours worked over 80 in a pay period instead of over 40 per workweek as the law requires. Heaven on Earth blamed the error on its accounting software’s default settings, and told investigators they corrected the error to make sure they pay proper overtime in the future. Additionally, the agency assessed $26,030 in penalties, which the employer paid, because the violations cited in this investigation were repeat violations of the FLSA.

Back wages recovered:        $81,162 in overtime back wages

                                                            $81,162 in liquidated damages

Civil Money Penalties:           $26,030 in penalties

Quote: “Workers who perform home care services spend long hours away from home and deserve to be paid all of the wages they earn,” said Wage and Hour District Director Troy Mouton in New Orleans. “Companies that fail to pay workers what the law requires may owe back wages, liquidated damages and even civil money penalties. This case shows the costly and avoidable consequences of violating the law.”

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