Who:             U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration

                      Great Plains Occupational Safety and Health Administration Education Center

 What:             Alliance Program Ambassador

Background: On Nov. 8, 2022, The OSHA Regional Office in Kansas City, Missouri, signed an ambassador alliance agreement with the Great Plains Occupational Safety and Health Administration Education Center consortium that recognizes the center as an OSHA Alliance Program Ambassador. This is the first Ambassador agreement in the Kansas City Region.

OSHA confers ambassador status to long-term alliance participants who agree to continue a cooperative relationship and who share timely and relevant safety and health information with its stakeholders. Ambassadors are also recognized for working collaboratively on safety and health issues its stakeholders raise. In May 2018, OSHA and the consortium entered an alliance and then renewed the alliance in 2022.

OSHA’s Kansas City Regional Office and OSHA Area Offices in Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis and Wichita formed an alliance with the Great Plains OSHA Education Center. The consortium includes Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, Missouri, St. Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice in St. Louis, and Barton Community College in Grandview Plaza, Kansas.

In recognition of this ongoing commitment, OSHA will continue an active relationship with the Great Plains Occupational Safety and Health Administration Education Center consortium by:

Providing routine communications on enforcement, regulatory and outreach initiatives.
Sharing invitations to attend and offering opportunities to speak at OSHA Alliance Program and other agency stakeholder meetings or events. These opportunities include outreach and training activities with OSHA’s national, regional or area offices, and the National Alliance Program Construction Roundtable and Forum.
Engaging in information-sharing and technical discussions, including completing special projects of mutual interest aligned with agency priorities as resources allow.
Maintaining the organizations’ status as Alliance Program Ambassadors on the agency’s public webpage.
The OSHA Alliance Program enables organizations to enter voluntarily into a cooperative relationship to raise awareness of OSHA’s initiatives, outreach, communications, training and education.

Quote: “OSHA and the Great Plains OSHA Education Center consortium are committed to providing stakeholders with information, guidance and access to training resources to develop safety programs that prevent workplace injuries and train workers in the most dangerous occupations,” said OSHA’s Regional Administrator Billie Kizer in Kansas City, Missouri. “Ambassador status is an achievement earned when alliance participants show exceptional and continued commitment to protect their workers on the job.”

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