Employer:                                          Topgolf USA Hillsboro LLC

Investigation sites:                            5505 NE Huffman St.

                                                            Hillsboro, OR  97124

Investigation findings:                      U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigators found a subsidiary of Topgolf International Inc. in Hillsboro allowed minor-aged employees to load trash bags into compactors, a prohibited job under the child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Civil money penalties:                      $21,330 in penalties assessed

Quote: “Learning new skills in the workforce is an important part of growing up, but we must protect children and make sure their first jobs are safe and that their jobs don’t interfere with their education or well-being,” said Wage and Hour Division District Director Carrie Aguilar in Portland, Oregon. “The Fair Labor Standards Act allows for developmental experiences but restricts the employment of young workers in certain jobs and provides for penalties when employers do not follow the law.”

Background: The YouthRules! initiative promotes positive and safe work experiences for teens by providing information about protections for young workers to youth, parents, employers, and educators. Through this initiative, the U.S. Department of Labor and its partners promote positive and safe work experiences that help prepare young workers to enter the workforce. The Wage and Hour Division has also published Seven Child Labor Best Practices for Employers to help employers comply with the law. Learn more about the Fair Labor Standards Act’s child labor provisions. 

Topgolf USA is a golf entertainment business and restaurant network with locations throughout the U.S. This investigation was limited to Topgolf USA Hillsboro. The company is a subsidiary of Topgolf International Inc.

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