Participants:      U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational  Safety and Health Administration

                                  Colorado Health Care Association

Alliance description: OSHA and the Colorado Health Care Association have signed an ambassador-level alliance to provide long-term care workers in Colorado with information, guidance and access to training resources. The alliance includes an emphasis on sharing information about common hazards in the healthcare industry and whistleblower protection laws.

Ambassador-level alliances are recognized for working collaboratively on safety and health issues raised by stakeholders. Unlike basic alliances, ambassador agreements remain in effect for the duration of an ongoing cooperative relationship.

Background:  OSHA’s Alliance Program works with groups committed to worker safety and health to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. These groups include unions, consulates, trade or professional organizations, businesses, faith- and community-based and educational institutions. OSHA and the groups work together to develop compliance assistance tools and resources, share information with workers and employers and educate workers and employers about their rights and responsibilities.

Quote: “OSHA and the Colorado Health Care Association join in the commitment to protect nursing home and assisted living care workers in Colorado from serious hazards encountered in this industry so they can go home safely every day,” said OSHA Regional Administrator Jennifer Rous in Denver.

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