WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a partnership between Job Corps and the City of New York to help recruit students and promote enrollment at local centers and inform their students and graduates about higher education institutions, social service programs and job opportunities with the city.

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Job Corps, the New York City Mayor’s Office has made the nation’s largest city the first to partner with the nation’s largest job training and education program to offer young people access to workforce development training. Job Corps’ students will receive training intended to equip students for careers in high-demand industries, such as advanced manufacturing, information technology, clean energy fields and construction.

“Our partnership with New York City will enable Job Corps to open doors that can greatly change the lives of its young residents,” said Job Corps National Director Rachel Torres. “Our time-tested and proven model for workforce training will create pathways for future computer technicians, constructions workers, culinary artists, certified nursing assistants and other young New Yorkers seeking high-quality, good-paying jobs.”

“New York City cannot survive without a strong working class, and our administration is working every day to create pathways to get good jobs that enable New Yorkers to support a home for them and their families,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “As the city with the largest public school system, it is only fitting that we create the nation’s largest residential career training program for our next generation, and we are thrilled to become the first major city to partner with the U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps program to make this happen.”

“This partnership will offer real solutions for young people from low-income backgrounds as well as employers in need of a pipeline of trained, ready-to-work employees. Together, we are taking major steps towards making sure that we provide access to jobs that workers can support a family with, while giving our city’s employers access to the talent they need to thrive.”

The five-year agreement allows Job Corps’ national office to coordinate recruitment initiatives with city partners and agencies including the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development and the city’s Administration for Children’s Services, Human Resources Administration, Department of Youth and Community Development and with the city’s more than 1,800 public schools.

In addition, the partnership will enable Job Corps to establish a streamlined referral system for local programs, while the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development will create a formal process to provide Job Corps students and graduates with information on the following:

Existing employment opportunities with the city’s government.
Enrollment assistance for the city’s colleges and community colleges.
The city’s available support services, such as supplemental nutrition benefits, public health options, and home energy, transit and cash assistance.
Founded in 1964, Job Corps provides students from 16 to 24 years of age with vocational training and academic experiences to increase opportunities towards gainful employment and career pathways. Mostly a residential program in urban and rural areas, its centers include dormitories and a campus environment like small colleges where programs and services are provided to students free of charge.

Administered by the department’s Employment and Training Administration, Job Corps oversees a network that currently has more than 120 centers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

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