WASHINGTON – As the overall economy continues to rebound from the pandemic, many of the workers most adversely affected – particularly women, people of color, people with disabilities, lower-wage workers and workers from other historically marginalized communities – continue to face persistent challenges with finding quality jobs.

To better equip these workers for high quality jobs, the U.S. Department of Labor today announced up to $140 million in available Quality Jobs, Equity, Strategy and Training grants funding to states to provide jobs and employment training and services for America’s unemployed and underemployed workers.

Administered by the department’s Employment and Training Administration, QUEST National Dislocated Worker grants will support jobs, outreach, training and supportive services for marginalized workers to secure jobs in critical and growing industries, including infrastructure, environment and climate, care economy and other critical industry sectors.

“During this historic economic recovery, the Department of Labor supports the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to provide opportunities for all workers to overcome the employment, economic and health effects of the pandemic,” said Acting Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Brent Parton. “QUEST grants will help prepare marginalized workers for high-quality jobs that include family-sustaining wages and benefits and offer clear paths for advancement.”

Successful applicants will implement projects that help underserved workers develop career and economic resilience through their commitment to one of the following activities:

Develop or expand strategic partnerships.
Community and participant outreach.
Business engagement.
Employment and training activities.
Create disaster-relief employment to address the health, employment, social effects of COVID-19.

Learn more about the QUEST National Dislocated Worker Grants and apply.  

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