Date of action:                       Dec. 30, 2021

Type of action:                      Order

Names of defendants:       Convergys Customer Management Group Inc.

Allegations: The defendant refused to provide the department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs copies of its affirmative action programs and several other supporting documents during a compliance audit by the agency, in violation of federal law. 

Resolution:  The department’s Office of Administrative Law Judges ordered Convergys to provide all information requested in the scheduling letters, upon penalty of debarment and contract cancellation. The judge found that OFCCP’s request for the affirmative action programs and supporting data did not violate the Convergys’ Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure or Fifth Amendment right to due process. Find out more about OFCCP’s mission.

Court:  Office of the Administrative Law Judges

Background: Convergys Customer Management Group Inc. provides outsourced telephone marketing, research and database services to the communication, healthcare, travel and retail industries worldwide.

OALJ Case Numbers: 2015-OFC-00002; 2015-OFC-00003; 2015-OFC-00004; 2015-OFC-00005; 2015-OFC-00006; 2015-OFC-00007; 2015-OFC-00008 2016-OFC-00003

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