WASHINGTON – Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su today released the following statement on news of a final contract agreement between the United Steelworkers and Blue Bird Corp, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of low- and zero-emission school buses.“Congratulations to the United Steelworkers and Blue Bird on their dedication and perseverance in achieving a first contract. As President Biden and I have said, collective bargaining works. This agreement is proof-positive that when workers and employers sit down at the bargaining table together, they can come to a deal that achieves stability for the employer and better and safer conditions for their workers.“Far too often, employers engage in harmful stall tactics to undercut worker voice and avoid entering into a first contract with a newly formed union. This historic agreement is an example of collective bargaining done right. I applaud the United Steelworkers and Blue Bird for demonstrating the power and benefits of worker voice. “I also want to recognize both parties for their leadership, reinforcing that the EV transition and good union jobs go together. Through these negotiations, the United Steelworkers and Blue Bird Corp. are charting a future where union workers, high-road businesses and clean energy keep our country running. This progress will benefit their workers, their company and our country.”

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