WASHINGTON, DC – Acting Secretary of Labor Al Stewart issued the following statement regarding the death of former U.S. Secretary of Labor George P. Shultz:

“In the reflections on his life that have poured out since George P. Shultz passed away on Feb. 6, he was hailed a statesman without peer. That was evident in his tenure as U.S. Secretary of Labor from January 22, 1969 to July 1, 1970, during which he oversaw the implementation of the ‘Philadelphia Plan’ for non-discrimination in federal construction projects. He shepherded programs to reduce poverty and played an important role in shaping the Nixon administration’s economic policies. While he would go on to accumulate ever greater stature as Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State, the Labor Department will always take pride in calling Secretary Shultz one of our own.

The department expresses its gratitude for Shultz’s leadership and service, and its sympathy to his family and the many people around the world who loved and admired him.”


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