Washington, D.C — The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued an updated supplement to its Outline of Law and Procedure in Representation Cases (“Outline”).  The Outline, which was originally issued in the early 1960’s, is a guidance document prepared by the Office of the General Counsel and was last updated in its entirety in 2017. The new supplement, issued in May 2022, covers legal developments related to Board representation law that occurred during 2021. A supplement has been issued each year since, covering developments in representation law during the prior year. The Outline details developments in Board election and representation law and serves as a research tool for attorneys who practice before the Board. The 2021 supplement to the Outline covers virtually all published representation cases (Board and circuit court) from 2021, as well as consolidated representation and unfair labor practice cases in which the Board passed or commented on the representation issues. Several unfair labor practice cases that involve issues relevant to representation case law (e.g., jurisdiction and joint employer) are also included. Rulemaking activities that relate to representation-case matters are included as well.

The 2021 supplement was edited by Terence G. Schoone-Jongen, Director of the Board’s Office of Representation Appeals. The Outline and each year’s supplements can be found under “Manuals and Guides” on the NLRB’s public website.

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