This week, the National Labor Relations Board has launched several new features on its website,, to make tracking cases easier and more accessible to the public.

Users can now subscribe to cases to receive an email with updates in the case docket. Simply click on the blue “Follow” button on right side of the screen next to each case. Users will need to create a account. is a secure sign-in service used by the public to sign in to participating government agencies.

Documents that were previously released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) will now be listed under the “FOIA Records” header on the case page. This allows users to easily access documents that have been released, without first having to search on the FOIA website. Users should still submit FOIA requests through the FOIA website.

Finally, users can now subscribe to news releases from each Regional office, to stay informed of NLRB news in their area from the regional case page of interest. Users can use the search function to find the Region that represents each state and territory.

In March, the NLRB launched a Spanish version of its website, Here, members of the public can access resources on their workplace rights and how to file a complaint, learn about the agency’s history and current duties, and request a speaker from the NLRB.

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