Washington, D.C – The Judges Division of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued an updated Bench Book, which replaces the last update issued in January 2022. The Bench Book serves as an NLRB trial manual and is designed to provide NLRB administrative law judges (ALJs) with a reference guide during hearings. It is also a useful tool for practitioners before the Board because it sets forth Board precedent and other rulings and authorities on certain recurring procedural and evidentiary issues that may arise during hearings.

This year’s edition includes citations to numerous additional Board and court decisions. It also includes additional citations to helpful treatises on federal evidence and procedure that are available on either Westlaw or LEXIS. Finally, it includes several new sections, including a section on using special masters to address subpoena production disputes and a section on including non-disparagement and confidentiality provisions in settlement agreements.

The 2023 edition was edited by ALJ Jeffrey Wedekind, who has served as editor since 2010, and ALJs Sharon Steckler and Mara-Louise Anzalone, as associate editors. It also includes a foreword by Chief ALJ Robert Giannasi describing the Bench Book’s history and purpose.

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