Today, the NLRB announces the appointment of five Regional Directors: Laura A. Sacks in Region 1 (Boston), Elizabeth K. Kerwin in Region 7 (Detroit), Iva Y. Choe in Region 8 (Cleveland), Andrea J. Wilkes in Region 14 (St. Louis), and Suzanne Sullivan in Region 22 (Newark). Along with these new appointments, Lisa Henderson was appointed as Regional Director of Region 10 (Atlanta) in August.

Each of the new Regional Directors was a current NLRB employee with decades of experience.

“I’m so pleased to have these extremely competent and talented women take on senior leadership roles as Regional Directors of the NLRB,” said General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo. “Filling these critical vacant positions with such capable individuals will help ensure that we meet our goals of fully protecting the rights of workers in this country to engage collectively to improve their working conditions.”

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