Today, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo launched a “Know Your Rights” card series to educate workers on their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The series is commencing with two new “Know Your Rights” tri-fold cards, which the Agency is making available in English and Spanish. One card provides information on protections for immigrant workers, while the other card talks about Weingarten rights. The cards are designed to be printed, folded, and used by workers in the workplace. Additional cards in the series will be rolled out this year.

“This card series is one of many steps we’re taking to ensure that all workers know their workplace rights and understand that there is a federal agency, the NLRB, that they may seek help from if they feel that their rights have been violated,” said General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo. “The cards will advance the NLRB’s efforts to remove barriers for workers in underserved communities through education, outreach, and processes so that all workers can safely access the NLRB.”

Workers, labor organizations, employers, and others in the general public should feel free to call the NLRB’s Regional Offices (1-844-762-NLRB) to ask questions and receive assistance in filing an unfair labor practice charge in English and other languages. They may also make a request that an NLRB representative participate in an educational event through the NLRB’s Regional Offices or on the NLRB’s website. The NLRB also has many additional resources on workers’ rights and union/employer obligations on its website.

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