WASHINGTON – This week, Acting Secretary Su traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbia, South Carolina, to highlight how the Biden-Harris administration’s pro-worker agenda is making a positive impact in communities across the country.Acting Secretary Su kicked off the week in Pittsburgh with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, where they highlighted the Biden-Harris administration’s investments in worker training and good jobs. The visit began with a tour and roundtable discussion at the Community College of Allegany County’s recently opened Center for Education, Innovation and Training, which was completed using funding from President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to prepare students and workers for jobs created by the administration’s Investing in America agenda. The pair concluded their visit with a tour of the Pittsburgh Job Corps Center and a discussion with students about the importance of equitable pathways to good jobs for young people. On Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024, Acting Secretary Su visited Columbia, South Carolina, to engage in a discussion with workers about their attempts to advocate and organize for better working conditions and increased wages in their industries. She also spotlighted equitable access to training and education opportunities for military families, people formerly involved in the foster care system, formerly incarcerated people, adult learners and other vulnerable communities at Benedict College, a Historically Black College.Media highlights from the Acting Secretary’s travels include: Pittsburgh Union Progress: ‘We believe in what is happening here’: U.S. education, labor secretaries tour workforce training programs in Pittsburgh (Jan. 31, 2024)“[T]he Biden administration selected Pittsburgh as one of five workforce hubs because of the collaboration among K-12 schools, higher education institutions, trade unions, the city and other entities. At the Jobs Corps Center later in the afternoon, Su told a crowd largely made up of trade union representatives that the workforce training collaborations that are being developed in Pittsburgh could be implemented around the country.   “Pittsburgh is a workforce hub – It’s one of five across the country that President [Joe] Biden has named – because we believe in what is happening here,” she said. “We believe that you are all about creating good jobs and opportunities for every community.”90.5 WESA-NPR: U.S. secretaries of labor and education visit Pittsburgh to applaud workforce development (Jan. 31, 2024): “This is how we build good jobs at the beginning, that we make sure that unions have a seat at the table,” Su said. “And this is not just a matter of doing what’s right for working people, but it’s also what could attract a workforce. It’s also how you make sure that projects are done on time, on task, on budget and safely.“Su said Pittsburgh’s workforce development is a “model for the nation.”WOLO: Secretary of Labor visits with members from labor unions (Jan. 31, 2024):“Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor Julie Su in West Columbia today speaking with members from various labor unions. Many shared their concerns advocating for better wages, improved working conditions and fair treatment. South Carolina has the lowest union membership rate.Secretary Su pointed out that fear of job retaliation might be a significant factor. Highlighting issues like the lack of health and safety protections, gender and racial wage gaps and occupational segregation, Secretary Su emphasized the need for more changes in the workforce.”WACH: Biden administration touts the power of unions (Jan. 31, 2024): “Labor Secretary Julie Su gathered with several union members and workers to hear the challenges they have and are facing in the workforce. Su let them know how President Biden supports workers and encourages them to unionize.”

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