WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a partnership with the National Governors Association to bring federal partners, state policy advisors, workforce development boards and agencies, and other policymakers together to support states’ planning processes.

The partnership will take advantage of employment opportunities made possible by the Biden-Harris administration’s historic investments to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and promote economic growth.

The Workforce Strategic Planning Collaborative is a partnership between the department’s Employment and Training Administration and the association’s Center for Best Practices that will enable federal agencies and state governments to collaboratively make strategic improvements in the delivery of workforce development services using the 2024 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act State Plan.

“Working with the National Governors Association and our federal partners, we hope to bolster workforce development services delivered nationwide to ensure that workers in the U.S., including traditionally underserved populations and those with significant barriers to employment, get on a path to high-quality jobs and careers,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Employment and Training Brent Parton.

“Together, we can better align resources across the Biden-Harris administration to provide jobseekers with the training needed to meet employers’ needs for a skilled workforce.”

The partnership is intended to accomplish the following:

Develop and align guidance and resources from the department, other federal agencies and the association to develop a state planning tool.
Promote equity and job quality in jobs created by the new investments. 
Provide technical assistance and elevate best practices in state plans to empower governors and their states to leverage WIOA boards and planning processes as cross-system, strategic opportunities.
Ensure the workforce system is demand-driven and matches employer needs as federal funding opportunities are implemented.
As part of the partnership, the department will seek input from state planning partners and the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation.

Learn more about the Employment and Training Administration.

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