SAVANNAH, GA – The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has signed a strategic partnership with Balfour Beatty Construction to promote worker safety and health during construction of the AC Marriott Hotel project in the Savannah River District.

The partnership with the Dallas-based commercial construction company seeks to prevent worker injuries and exposure to hazards by developing a contractor-government approach to safety and health. The initiative will also assist contractors in developing and implementing safety and health management systems and providing training to employees, employers and supervisors.

The Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute’s Safety, Health and Environmental Program is supporting the partnership effort.

“This public-private sector partnership will focus training on recognizing and eliminating hazards present during major construction projects, a proven method for improving workplace safety and health on site,” said OSHA Area Office Director Jerred Stevens in Savannah, Georgia. “Balfour Beatty Construction’s commitment to workplace safety will help ensure every worker on the project ends their shift safely.”

Participants will focus on identifying and preventing common hazards on large-scale construction projects, such as falls and being struck by or caught in materials or equipment. Other important issues include fire safety, preventing heat illness, unsafe silica and noise exposure, and safety when using electrical equipment.

The AC Marriott project consists of a nine-story boutique hotel and five-story precast parking deck to be built on the site of the former headquarters of the Savannah Electric Power Co.

OSHA’s Strategic Partnership Program works with employers, employees, professional and trade associations, labor organizations and other interested stakeholders to establish specific goals, strategies and performance measures to improve worker safety and health.

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