WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor announced today the designation of additional federally funded construction projects for participation in the Mega Construction Project Program. Launched by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs in March 2023, the program fosters equal opportunity in the construction trades workforce, helping to expand access to the millions of good-paying jobs being created by President Biden’s Investing in America agenda. The Mega Construction Project Program brings the public and private sectors together on a select group of “megaprojects,” for which OFCCP provides contractors and subcontractors compliance assistance to strengthen recruitment, hiring and employment practices. The assistance focuses on removing barriers to opportunity for underrepresented communities including women, people of color, veterans and individuals with disabilities.Megaprojects are large federal construction projects valued at $35 million or more – some part of which must be federal funding – and that last more than one year.For each of these projects, OFCCP engages a wide range of community stakeholders – including unions, community-based organizations, pre-apprenticeship programs and registered apprenticeship programs – to provide contractors with connections to diverse recruitment sources, including in underrepresented and underserved communities, so that projects can fully tap into the local workforce and get the needed talent. The agency also provides technical assistance on how contractors can foster workplaces free from harassment and discrimination and address ongoing barriers to recruitment and retention. In addition, OFCCP conducts compliance reviews to evaluate contractors’ equal opportunity practices.For the 12 newly designated megaprojects, OFCCP partnered with the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, General Services Administration and Environmental Protection Agency. OFCCP applied a set of neutral criteria to designate megaprojects from a wider pool of eligible projects. These newly designated projects build on OFCCP’s designation earlier this year of 12 megaprojects funded by the Department of Transportation and GSA. The Mega Construction Project Program supports the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up by opening new pathways for workers to access good jobs that do not require a four-year degree. In providing assistance to remove barriers and promote equal opportunity, OFCCP supports the successful implementation of the administration’s historic investments from the Investing in America agenda – including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, CHIPS and Science Act, and Inflation Reduction Act – by aiding construction contractors in recruiting, hiring and retaining all available talent to advance the success of infrastructure projects across the nation. OFCCP looks forward to designating additional megaprojects in the future, potentially including projects funded by the Department of Commerce through the CHIPS and Science Act, as well as projects funded by the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The robust participation in this program by a range of federal agencies demonstrates the whole-of-government approach that the Biden-Harris administration is taking to combat discrimination and advance equal opportunity for all workers and communities.“The Biden-Harris administration is committed to expanding equitable access to the good jobs being created across the country thanks to the President’s Investing in America agenda,” said Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su. “Through the Megaproject Program, the Department of Labor is unleashing its full power to advance equal opportunity for qualified workers of all backgrounds, including those who have been historically left out or left behind.”       “President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda is creating a new generation of good-paying careers nationwide and we are working to make sure everyone has a fair shot at those jobs,” said Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. “This compliance assistance from the Department of Labor will help ensure that those who have historically been underrepresented in construction and the trades, including women and people with disabilities, are part of the national effort to help build the vital infrastructure we will all need in the coming decades.”“President Biden’s historic Investing in America agenda is building a thriving clean energy economy that is delivering high-quality, good-paying jobs in every pocket of the nation whether in the energy sector itself or for the construction projects that support it,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “The Department of Energy is proud to partner with the Department of Labor to support the Biden-Harris administration’s whole-of-government approach to removing barriers to equal employment and expanding opportunities for workers across America.” “When President Biden talks about investing in America, he’s talking about investing in economic and environmental benefits for all,” said Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael S. Regan. “Thanks to the President’s leadership, EPA has unprecedented resources to clean up legacy contamination at America’s most polluted sites. Under this partnership with the Department of Labor, we’re leveraging these historic funds at one of our largest cleanup sites to bolster the local economy and create good paying jobs, all while protecting public health and our environment.”“Ensuring federal construction projects benefit from the skills of a diverse and well-trained workforce is good for taxpayers and communities. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Department of Labor to promote equal opportunity in the construction trades, close wage gaps for underserved groups, and advance the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to equitable economic growth,” said General Services Administration Administrator Robin Carnahan. “By fostering equal opportunity in the construction trades, the Megaproject Program is a game-changer for workers and job seekers,” explained Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Acting Director Michele Hodge. “OFCCP is expanding access to good, family-sustaining construction jobs that pave the road to the middle class.” 

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